Search Set for searching retail sites problems

Hi. I need to search three particular retailers for products for a company I work for. I thought the best way to do this would be to put the sites in the Sites tab. It worked a couple of times when I set the mode for the sites from Crawl to Search, but then later on the exact same search wouldn’t return anything. It then worked again, and once again didn’t a little while later. I didn’t change anything in between. Also, things that I know are on the sites don’t show up (when the search is working, that is).

Here are screenshots of the General and Advanced tabs:

Are retail sites hard to search for DA, or should I be looking at a plugin to do this (I don’t really understand plugins, to be honest).

Thanks in advance.

It would depend on the site(s).

Is anything shown in the Log view after an unsuccessful search?

From memory (it’s working at the moment) it has the sites listed and then “Links: 0” in the error column.

If it’s sporadically not working, it could be temporary suspensions by search engines thinking it’s not a human-initiated search.

Yeah, that makes sense. I hit the button a few times, so it might have triggered a stop. Thanks.

You’re welcome.