Search Set setup and the "sync"

Hi all and greetings from Vienna:
I now started to deal with DA, yippie :wink: I defined a search set with an hourly refreshment. The search set is monitoring several news sites, which I added in “Sites”. Now my question: How can I be sure that after e.g. the third search, only the newest entries on my topic are found, not the ones DA already found previously. (My search is always sent to DTP)
Thx for your help and best regards from the soon again lockdown city

In the Search Set’s Advanced tab, make sure the Results > Only new pages radio button is enabled…

Thx Bluefrog, done :wink:

Ah I forgot one thing: Having two Macs, on both DTP and DA … Do both systems “know” what was searched before or would you recommend using the search set only with one machine for avoiding any duplicates? Thx in advance

You’re welcome and both machines act independently.