Search Sets

Good afternoon!

I’ve got a question about search sets that I’m wondering if anyone else has sorted out. I have search sets running weekly, looking for news on a particular topic. However, I cannot find anywhere a place where I can specify a date ranger. The result is that I end up getting old articles from 2013 and 2014 instead of just this week’s news, and I get a whole lot of duplicates. Has anyone figured out a work-around for this?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: ,

To avoid duplicates, create a custom scheduled search set (scheduled searches are discussed in the documentation PDF for DEVONagent Pro).

In the Actions tab, check the option to archive results. This will prevent previously found results from being included in subsequent runs of the search set. If you wish, also check the option to send you an email listing the new results for each search run.

Run the scheduled search set long enough, and it will return only new/recent results.

It’s not reliable to search directly by date or date range, given the varieties of page designs “out there”.

This is really helpful. Thanks Bill.