Search syntax using the Name field


I want to search for all notes where the name starts with “2019-00”, “2018-00”, …
Reading the help file, you can use wildcards. ? is representing 1 character.

So I though “201?-00” would do the trick, but nothing is returned.

What am I doing wrong?
See these screenshots for clarity:

PS: strangely enough, when searching using All, then it works… How to do it for the Name field?

I tried the same some weeks ago, turned out that you can’t use wildcards with “begins with”.

Yep, the limitations are not mentioned there.

begins with doesn’t support wildcards and operators.
matches does and placeholder text in the edit box shows this.

Here are matches…

Can you try adding a minus behind the “20??”, like “20?0-00” like in my example?

Development will have to assess these results, but here’s what I see…

Very weird.
Here ( a video of my experience. Every time the search list changes, I pressed enter after changing the search string.

Bear in mind the hyphen isn’t searchable as it’s not alphanumeric.

A hyphen is not searchable? Hm. Wonder why that is.

But then “201??00” should return the necessary results, no? Having a ? for the hyphen… But also that search has no returns…

Or better “2019?0*”, as it says “matches”. But no results neither…

With the exception of some monetary symbols, non-alphanumeric characters aren’t indexed to avoid bloating the index of the database.

You can’t replace the hyphen with a question mark wildcard.

However, you can use a back slash.

Ah, ok!
For the purpose of documenting this conversion till the end: “201?\0*” works ;-).
Thanks (for seeming to be always online ;-)!

You’re welcome and yeah, still working on the work/life balance … for years now :flushed: :slight_smile: