Search tags not updating when tags removed

I have already put in a support question but I have a repeatable bug.

IDT to Go if I have a group with a bunch of notes in it with various tags and I then do a search for a specific tag using the Tags:Need (It’s a shopping list) when I then select an item, bring up the info, delete the need tag and the run the search again the item/note still shows up. It will not every drop it from the view even if I shut down the app and restart and then do the search again.

I’m wondering if other can reproduce this behavior.

DT To Go 2.4.4 (16242)

Just tested it, and I’m not seeing what you are seeing. Removing a tag from the document immediately removes it from the list of documents in the tag search.

Additional information. I use a WLAN sync on my own server to keep my DTTG and DEVONThink on Mac systems updated. If I am within the sync area it works properly. When I am out of range it does not. I do not have my server open to the Internet and I often travel beyond the reach of any Internet or even cell phone service.

The problem appeared yesterday during a major shopping trip to the store, which is 75 miles away from my computer where I sync my iPhone. Since we only do shopping once a month it’s hard to debug when I only see the problem once a month and for several months have figured I was doing something wrong.

I cannot imagine how not being in a sync area could prevent you from removing a tag from a document locally, but I suppose anything is possible. Perhaps putting your phone in Airplane Mode to simulate being out of a sync area and see if the issue is still reproducible might be helpful.

It’s not an inability to remove tags on the iPhone. That works. It’s the searching using the format tags: that isn’t working. Even though the tag has been removed the search still shows everything that ORIGINALLY had the tag as being in the group until I get to where I can sync again.

Yes, I just tried it with airplane mode and the error is repeatable.

Updated my bug report as well with screen shots.

Have you waited until the full-text index was updated? It might take a few seconds for the indexer pick up the changes.