Search text within webpages in a Devonthink db, not just the page titles

New user of Devonthink 3 and this forum.

I have a simple question about searching. Sorry, it’s so elementary.

I have a db of webpages created by dragging the URL from the address bar to the inbox, then moving the pages to the appropriate group. I want to search the DB for terms within the individual pages. Presently, all I can get for search results are terms in the page titles.

Can I search the text of the webpages, not just their titles? If so, how?

Thanks for your time and any help.

You’ve just added bookmarks so no you can’t search the contents if the pages. A bookmark is only a link to a page, not the page itself. You need to clip the pages from the browser to have searchable content.

With existing bookmarks, You can check out Scripts in Script menu > Download to do some conversion en masse. However, if you have 50+ you should convert in smaller batches as this takes time and bandwidth to import them.

Got it.

Thanks ever so much for the quick and cogent response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: