Search visited web pages

I’m not sure which product would be the best fit for this question, so I’d post it here, but if you think it belongs elsewhere, please move it.

I was wondering what would be the best tool / approach to search through Chrome cache (in other words search through visited pages)?
Something similar to what HistoryHound does. I was going to buy it, but maybe DT, DA or DSE can do that since I already have them all.

If you have any other tips how to implement searching visited web pages, please share them too.

DEVONagent doesn’t support the history of Chrome.

DEVONagent doesn’t support the history of Chrome.

Only Safari?

And what about DevenSphere Express?

Same limitation.

What if I just add a path to Chrome cache to “DevonSphere Preference -> Locations -> Search These Locations”?
Will DS be able to search for page names AND containing text?

Only if the files inside the cache are either directly supported by DEVONsphere Express or by a Spotlight plugin. What’s inside the cache actually?

Oh man, I guess I have not looked into browser cache in a very long time!!!
I remember back in the day there were real html pages. Now it is just a bunch of random files!