Search within Document

Does the search within a document - as opposed to the global search - support search operators?

If I search within a document (via the right panel):

duplicate NEAR replicant

it finds nothing. But if I do the same in global search, it will return results. I didn’t find anything in the manual about this, so wondering if I’m doing something incorrectly.


No. The in-document search is a small extension of the macOS Find operation.


Just curious, why not have it the same?

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@cgrunenberg would have to respond on the technical details but in-document searching isn’t the same as database searching.

We’ll consider this for future releases.



It would be great if you can implement this function, I am missing it for several years.

Also, the proper interworking between Devonsphere express and Devonthink. If you search a document from devonsphere express with extended search term ("asdf NEAR qwer) and open the document directly from devonsphere in devonthink, then the search term will not be transmitted with extended search term operator functionality … like in devonthink over global search …

Likewise, a +1 from me for this functionality also. I have quite a few looong documents (several hundreds to thousands of pages) and having the full set of search operators (boolean and proximity) would be a life saver.

Additionally, searching with the existing search-within-a-doc function may take a while to resolve. It would be great if the search result (which is an index of sorts) could be saved and stored with the document for retrieval/callback in a future session. Now if the full operator set is available for search AND the result of such search is stored along with the document (and perhaps can be named ?) we would have some serious search power here!


I agree with all the guys above.
Devonthink is an essential software in my life because of the powerful search functions.
However, that powerful function does not work when it comes to search inside of document.
For me, it is always a little bit frustrating…

Please consider to include search operator when searching inside of individual document.
Thanks in advance!

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This is planned for future releases.