Search Youtube Auto-Generated Closed Captions

Hi! I wonder if this could be done. Apparently Youtube’s search engine also searches in the videos’ auto-generated closed captions or subtitles. This is extremely useful for academic conferences, where the title of the video or its description is often non-descriptive. Example:

  1. If I search within the IARCE channel for “populares”, one of the results is this video, which doesn’t have the search term visible anywhere for the human eye.

  2. Apparently the term is in the auto generated closed captions, which can be displayed for the whole video (I thought it was real-time captioning!) if you click on the 3 dots besides the Like and Dislike buttons, and click “Open transcript”.

  3. For instance, in the video above, there are 5 instances of “populares” in the transcript, at the following times:
    00:42 - acciones de tutela y populares
    22:39 - populares vemos como la mayoría de las
    22:43 - acciones populares por no decir todas
    25:27 - de tutela y con acciones populares
    26:02 - las acciones populares pues vemos como

Is there a way for DEVONagent to search within those transcripts? It would be a game-changer for academic videos!


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DEVONagent does not support this currently. Could you please post a link to such a video (ideally outside YouTube)? Thank you.

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Thanks, it would be an awesome feature!

I am afraid I am not following you on the link. The YouTube link is above in my post, but I don’t think the video is available elsewhere. Can you elaborate?

YouTube doesn’t support downloading, that’s why a link to a stand-alone video supporting this would be great.

Got it, I don’t think it is anywhere else. Nonetheless, to clarify, I am not interested in downloading the video itself from DEVONagent, but rather search and identify videos within Youtube with a certain search term in their auto-generated closed captions and eventually downloading the full closed captions transcripts.Thx!

As the HTML code doesn’t seem to contain the necessary information (otherwise it should already work), this isn’t possible at the moment.