Searchable PDF

I have an ebook in pdf format, when I open it with Acrobat I can do a search for any text, but when I import it in DT the import log tell me “no text” and I fail to search anything. The text is selectable but if I double-click a word just a character is selected, no the entire word. What does this mean? I see that I can do a “searchable pdf”, and for sure I’ll do this, but it’s possible that the same pdf is searchable in Acrobat and not in DT?


  • Marco.

If you can only select a character at a time, the text layer is not intact as words, sentences, and paragraphs (regardless of what you SEE in the file).

PS: Acrobat uses its own proprietary methods (as they developed PDF). We use Apple’s PDFKit.

Thanks Jim!

  • m.

No problem.