Searches in French not showing results

I am new to using the agent; there may be something obvious I am missing but have not yet found.

When I search in English I see the results. Searching for “Concordat de Bolognes” or “Concordat AND de AND Bolognes” shows no digest or results, even though I can see in Log that google found 40 links, bing found several, etc.

Settings has the Language set to International and ignore diacritics. I have the “Web” search set selected.

Any ideas what might be happening? Thanks…

I am using the latest version of DEVONagent Pro. The search set is “Web.”

Playing with this more, I have a semi-solution.

The search strings I am working with are “Concordat AND de AND Bologne” and “Concordat AND de AND Bologna”.

The “Concordat de Bologne” is the French title of the accord. It seems that the more common phrase in English is the “Concordat de Bologna,” following the Italian spelling of the name of the city, and mixing the French and Italian spellings. That said, there are many sites with the Bologne spelling.

By checking “Fuzzy” in the Language setting, agent shows results using the French or Italian spelling. With Fuzzy unchecked, results are shown only when searching with the Bologna spelling.

The weird part is that by searching for “Concordat AND de AND Bologna,” the top two sites have the Bologne spelling.

I don’t understand why the search using the French spelling shows no results when there are plenty of sites with that spelling, but at least I have a workaround.

By default DEVONagent matches words exactly. You could e.g. try Concordat de (Bologne OR Bologna)).

Thanks for the response; I had not dug into the syntax of advanced searches, but I understand it well. I will have to watch that tutorial.

The odd thing is that there are exact matches for “Concordat de Bologne” they just don’t show in the agent. If you search google with that string, quoted or unquoted, it turns up many responses. Unquoted it suggests “Concordat de Bologna”; I don’t know how the plugin searches google, but I wonder if that alternate suggestion is why nothing shows, at least from google. When I tried Bing with the unquoted string it did not offer the alternative “Bologna”.

If you want to mimic a Google search, use the Express option.

Are the options to filter similar or archived pages enabled?