Searching a bookends link word

Hi !

I’m a young historian. I begin my second year as phd student in history in France and I use DTP and Bookends to manage my notes.

I have two questions :

  1. When I drag and drop from BE to DTP, I got a link wich is the title of the book. Is it possible to have Name author and Title ?

  2. I cannot find the file by searching a word of the title. For example, if I got a file named “AAAA”, with “B” as text and “book title” drag-and-droped from BE, I can find it with a query like “a” or “b”, but not if I ask “book” or “title”. Is it normal ?

Thank you and bravo to the authors of DTP, it’s a fascinating tool !


That’s not possible as the source (Bookends) defines the link and the receiver (DEVONthink) uses the link only.

That’s a shortcoming of the current indexing which doesn’t include linked text (as that’s not part of the standard RTF body). A future release will improve/fix this though.