Searching across Global Inbox and all open databases?


Just killed Evernote subscription and all in with DTPO for a couple days now so I apologize if this easy question.

While in Global Inbox, I goto search bar and the only area searched is Global Inbox. Is there a way to do a search of Global Inbox and all open databases from the search bar. I have a few crossover items between work and personal that sit in separate databases and would like to search all areas at once? Possible?


Yes, the full Search window (Tools > Search) adds the ability to search across all open databases – as well as still other features.

Perfect! Thanks Bill, I missed that one while exploring the app, there is a lot to “unpack” with DTPO.

That’s part of the beauty and fun of DEVONthink!

Don’t think you will (or try to) master the application. Use it for what you need to use it for, but allow yourself some time to explore. DEVONthink is a very deep application, with a lot of flexibility built in to accomodate many working styles. As you work with it you will discover more things it can do and even different ways you may want to approach your organization. :smiley: