Searching *all* databases


I knew I had a certain PDF document saved in a DTPO database; the trouble is I didn’t know which one out of a dozen or so. I knew the name of the file. I did a Spotlight search for the file named 0803Analog.pdf and found this interesting path:

New Mini:Users:tod:Library:Caches:Metadata:DEVONthink Pro 2:39BDD2F5-026F-4F33-B881-6E5A2B7509C4:14

I’m afraid that this doesn’t help me find the precise database/folder, and yes, I double-clicked the Spotlight result and that opened the file within DTPO, thus revealing the database/folder.

But it would have been faster and easier for me if I could search all my databases and have it pop up. If this is indeed possible, I’ve somehow missed it.

Thanks for any wrinkles I may have overlooked in searching for Help.

The spotlight search opens the right database in DTPO as you’ve seen, so unsure what else you’re really looking for? You’re looking for the database name itself in the search results? Maybe so many databases isn’t the right approach :wink:

You can search all open databases from within DEVONthink using the “search” item instead of the search box, FWIW.