Searching for "&" and "and"

Using DA 3.2. How do I search for a literal “&” - ampersand character?
So I’m searching for something like the phrase “HK&G”. I want to ensure the ampersand is in the result. By the same token, how do I search for the word “and”? Using the same example, I want to search for “HK and G”.

So my searches to me would be:

“HK&G” or “hk and g”

but it seems that the word “and” certainly introduces more results than I’d like.
Also, if I just search on “hk g” I get too many irrelevant results.

Even searching this forums for previous questions about & and AND proved difficult : )



Hi, was there any solution to this question three years ago? I have a similar issue.

“&” is not an alphanumeric character and will not be recognized.

“AND” is a Boolean operator. To search for the string “and”, enclose it in quotation marks.

Thanks for your reply Bill!

I’m working with tags in text documents that are either prepended with an “&” or a “#”. For instance a document may have the tags #help #unix within the text of the document itself.

May I infer from your reply that only alphanumeric characters can be searched and thus tags like this are essentially unworkable/useless for narrowing down documents that have them?

If so I suppose the only recourse is to create a tag made of alphanumerics.

Yes. The starting characters in your text keywords are ignored in searches. Rather than using “#” you might try using something like “zz” for the first characters in your keywords, as that would be searchable.

Thanks again Bill. I’ll consider using alphanumeric tags then.