Searching for Business Cards by size

Quick question on smart groups. I am trying to define a rule for a smart group to detect business cards. In theory, this should be easy as they have a specific size. In practice, I am struggling.

  1. What are the units of “width” and “height” for a smart group if the document is a PDF file? It shows width and height in inches, but searching for any document with width <10 shows no hits so I assume it’s a different unit.

  2. How do I search for any document with width > 500 and width < 1000? I can create a smart group with these two rules, but if I exit the smart group editor and then re-open only one of the two rules is left (the other has disappeared).

The width and height measurements are in pixels, used most commonly in finding image files. It does appear possible for a smart group to find PDF documents in inches as well, using the value of 72 pixels per inch. As an example, if you are searching for a documents that is between 5 and 6 inches wide, the width measurements to use in the smart group are greater than or equal to 360 and less than or equal to 432. I’ve not tested searching for PDFs by width/height extensively myself, so your results may vary.

You need to create a smart group predicate. This is discussed in the manual, or you can click on the ‘?’ in the smart group editor. The smart group pictured below will find all PDF documents between 5 and 6 inches wide, based on 72 pixels per inch.