Searching for Content in Files/Folder


I want DE to search as spotlight does, but only in some folders (files inside these folders).
So I have added one folder in preferences and clicked “folders” in preference “Categories”.
Having refreshed the Index and then searched for a word (which is text in the file in that very folder), DE doesn’t show the file.
It does so, if I search for the name of that file.

Am I doing something wrong or am I wrong to expect DE being able to search for file contents?

Best Matze

What kind of file should have been found? In addition, please note that the search syntax of DEVONsphere Express is not identical to the one of Spotlight. Searching will look for complete words by default. To search for strings containing this word you have to use e.g. the substring operator ~ (e.g. ~word) or wildcards (e.g. word* or word).

Hi there,

it is an .rtf-file with only one word (testing reasons) “Bananenkuchen”, that should have been found. I’ve searched for that word.

I’ve just created such a document, updated the index and the document was found. Which version of Mac OS X and of DEVONsphere Express do you use?

Hi Christian,

Mac OS X 10.10.5
Devonsphere Express Version 1.8

Does it work after updating to version 1.8.4, creating a new test document and updating the index?

No, it doesn’t.

I’ve attached my prefs.

Quit DSE.
In ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONsphere Express, delete the Index and Files folders.
Relaunch DSE and rebuild the index.
Try the search.

Hello Jim,

thanks for your try, did all that, but unfortunately no documents are found. My search shows webpages and devonthink-docs, that’s it.

Best, Matze

I had a similar problem on my 10.9.5 machine. I noted that I was also having a Spotlight issue. I fully rebuilt the Spotlight index (and actually reset my SMC and zapped my PRAM). Then I killed the DSE Index and Files, reindexed and now easily find the RTF file with the same term.

Hi Jim,

thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my late answer.
I’ve done everything you recommended, but it stays the same: no documents found, when searching for content. Filenamesearching is fine though.

Hi Jim,

I have found a turnaround: I save all the documents I want to search in in Devonthink Pro and in DevonExpress`s Prefs I check Documents and Devonthink Pro AND NOT Folders.

Is there a way to highlight the found text as DTP would do, when I searched directly from within DTP?

Best, Matze