Searching for DT compatible Multi-Function Printer or Scanner for Scanning OCR

Hello All. I’m relatively new to DT, but it has changed my life so far as a research scientist.

I want to scan documents via an automated document feeder (ADF) that does duplex scanning via printer or standalone scanner and have DT convert those to searchable PDF documents within my database.

However, I can’t tell how to know if a specific printer/scanner will be compatible w/ DT3 and its OCR capabilities. Any suggestions on specs that will define compatibility or even better… specific printer/scanner models that are DT3-friendly? TIA :pray:

Welcome, Russell!

This page might help.

Others will have a precise assessment of how well the Abbyy FineReader software now works with DT.

(I say this because Abbyy’s ‘upgrade’ of their standalone software for Mac hasn’t exactly gone well… missed deadlines, missing features, objections to having to pay just to get it to work 64-bit, bugs, crashes etc. I use Prizmo, which works beautifully every time.)

DT may well integrate perfectly with all versions of Abbyy. If so, any reliable (Canon, Brother, Epson) printer/scanner should do what you want if it supports Apple’s Image Capture (part of macOS). Good luck!

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Thanks, mksBelper. I saw the linked page about Apple Image Capture compatibility, but it doesn’t seem that that is a commonly listed spec on printers and stand alone scanners. Therefore, I’m struggling to find out which models can potentially work.

Again, others specializing in this field will be more current than I am.

I’d try selecting the best hardware you can afford for the purpose regardless of/without searching specifically for Image Capture compatibility. Then checking your chosen device’s specs.

As @mksBelper noted, Image Capture compatibility is the key if you’re hoping to use the scanner with DEVONthink’s View > Import sidebar. Check with the manufacturer for macOS compatibility.

  • I successfully use an HP OfficeJet 9010 in DEVONthink.
  • I also use a ScanSnap ix100 which is not compatible with Image Capture. It can only be controlled by Fujitsu’s software. However there is support in DEVONthink for detecting and importing ScanSnap scans.

I use, and rely on, a ScanSnap iX500 - it is fast, has an ADF, does duplex, is reliable, and I’m really happy with it. It completely reliably detects overlapping pages. It can scan A3 size by using a special carrier sheet (effectively scanning front and back of a folded A3 sheet and stitching the image together to make an A3 page). I use a ScanSnap iX100 when on the road - duplex, but no ADF. Both scanners use ScanSnap Home, which is - in my opinion - bloated, but which reliably fulfils its sole duty on my Mac of passing the scan directly to DT.

If my iX500 broke down today, I would order a new one within minutes (I think it’s been superseded by the iX1500, so I’d order that, actually).

That requires at least DT3 Pro (as opposed to vanilla), which I expect you already know. ScanSnap Home also comes with ABBYY FineReader integrated, so can OCR documents before handing them on (I have no practical experience of doing that; as is your intention, I perform OCR in DT).

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