Searching for folders named in a text file

Greetings. I have a text file generated by exporting a custom output style from Endnote. It looks like

internal-pdf://Ahrweiler et al 2011-1064636160/Ahrweiler et al 2011.pdf
internal-pdf://Zhang Gao 2010-3394709504/Zhang Gao 2010.pdf
internal-pdf://Kusunoki Nonaka Nagata 1998-2355964416/Kusunoki Nonaka Nagata 1998.pdf
internal-pdf://Ganco 2010-3412842496/Ganco 2010.pdf

Because I have indexed the PDF library within Endnote, these names correspond to folder names and document names within my DT database. I would like to automatically search for those five items (normally I have more), so I can replicate the folders into the folder for a new project I’m starting. Is there a way to have DT do so?

Thank you.