Searching for links

Is there a way to configure a Smart Group to show all files that contain links?

Links within the document, or URL links attached to the document (Info pane, URL field)? If it is the latter, then this will work (probably don’t even need the OR [0-9999] criteria):

If it is the former, then that could be tougher as the content ‘matches’ smart group term does not search the links imbedded in the text.

Thanks Greg, actually I’d like to find links between documents. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that.

Charles Lane

This is feasible with AppleScript (or another tool), but it is very complex. The script would have to know the document kind (.doc, .html, .xml, .rtf, etc.), whether an AppleScript dictionary exists for apps that can edit or read those documents, whether it’s feasible to find links using the commands and document properties in that dictionary, and then specifically how to locate the links, and finally whether the link is to another document in a DEVONthink database. What you as a reader perceive as a link in a document has a different technical implementation inside each document type.

Thanks Korm, I understand. It’s no problem, it falls under the ‘it would have been nice’ category. :smiley: