Searching for list items with attached PDFs

Hi, folks,

Quite new to DA, so not sure if this is a good use of it or not. This site

shows thumbnails of the library’s sheet music collection. Some of the thumbnails have downloadable PDFs, some do not.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have DA pick out the items that DO have PDFs.

I’ve been doing this manually, and because the sheet music covers tend to be interesting and attractive, I don’t really mind. But I’m also trying to learn DA, and thought this might be a good experiment. Any advice is welcome!

Basically that’s what the “Linked Documents” scanner does (see e.g. tab Settings > Scanner of search windows) but I couldn’t find any attached PDF documents on the page … 1&sortBy=2

Do you have an example containing PDF documents for me? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

So on the page I mentioned above, there is a list of songs with thumbnails of the sheet music. Each item in the list has a link “view details”. It’s only once you follow that link that you have the option to download the PDF, if there is one for that item.

For example, on the page I gave above, there’s a song called “I Used to Love You.” The “view details” link goes here … Number=303

and then, there’s another link to download the PDF.

Probably only about twenty percent of the songs have downloadable PDFs.

Hope this will help clarify. Thanks again!

The “Linked Documents” scanner does not yet support this but the one of version 3.0pb2 will.

In the meantime there’s a workaround:

  1. Create a new search set
  2. Add the link to the “Sites” tab
  3. Set the default query to “*” (without quotes) and the secondary query to “printable” (without quotes)
  4. Enable following of links and set the follow links term to “View Details” (with quotes)
  5. Select the “All Links” scanner
  6. Search only in objects (see “Advanced” tab)

Can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much for the detailed explanation.

I have the sense that DA is program that you will hate until the magical day you understand it, then you will love it above anything else!

Unfortunately this might be true :confused: