Searching for non-alpha characters


Is there any way to search on non-alpha characters?

For example, I might like to mark things to simulate a “checkbox” that I can find later with a search… something like:


Or even something like ***

It seems DT won’t find anything that’s not alpha… I’ve never had luck.

I certainly realize the difficulty of using the default wildcard character to search with (***) but I’m not so sure why [] won’t work. I can use terms like TODO or FUP as a workaround, but they’re actually quite a bit harder for my eye to discover in plain text.

I’ve tried things like using quotes to escape the sequences, with the same results.

I recently posted on the same topic. The ability to search for at least currency symbols would be useful.

No, DT is only able to search for alphanumeric characters (words, numbers, dates/times etc.).

for alphanumeric also symbols from the greek language are excluded?
I mean symbols like “alpha”, “beta”, “mu” etc ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Spotlight does the trick seamlessly!
Please can this feature be supported in the future releases?
thank you

That’s a shortcoming of our RTF parser and will be improved in the next major release. In the meantime you could use plain text or PDF documents.