Searching for update window - minor point/low priority

Just a minor point: I love the new “status bar” at the bottom left of DT3 - it is unobtrusive and IMHO clearly preferable to having a window open informing me of a status such as syncing etc.

When I opened DT3 today a window opened informing me that DT was looking for an update - rather than the info being displayed in the status bar. Interestingly, if I trigger an update-check the relevant information is displayed in the status bar.

Thanks for the report! Not seeing an issue here. If you find it’s consistently reproducible, definitely let us know.

will do!

This appears to be consistently reproducible: in preferences set “Check for Updates” to “Daily”. On a day where no check has been performed, open DT3 for the first time. DT3 will check for updates and rather than displaying that in the info area, it will open a separate info window at the top left of my desktop. The check only lasts a few seconds, so I haven’t managed a screen shot yet. I’ll keep trying…

It’s a minor point for sure, I’m only reporting it because it appears to be a bug - and I’m leaving it to you to decide whether to leave it, call it “Michael’s update window” or do something about it :innocent:

Triggering a check for updates by any other means does not lead to the window being opened.

Beta 3 will fix this.

wow :slight_smile: thanks

This is still a minor point, but FYI has not been fixed by b3.

This was fixed, another revision broke it again. Beta 4 should fix it finally :slight_smile: