Searching for x

I am probably missing something very obvious, but I’ve just met a case that has left me a bit puzzled. I have a file in my database that is named idxstory.rtf, and a search does not find it. If I type the letters id into the search box, a number of files appear, but not that one. If I use the format name:id in the search box the same thing occurs. If I type idx the whole list disappears, as only that file has that group of letters.

Is x a reserved character, or something?

No. It’s not doing a partial string match.
id* or more specifically looking by name, name:id* will show the file.

Thank you. It still would not find the file to begin with, so I rebuilt the database on the Mac and re-synchronised. It now works. I surmise that there was mild corruption somewhere in the database. Not too surprising considering the mild hiccups we have had with sync just recently. No complaints from me, however. It’s a relief to have version 2 of DTTG.

Glad it’s working now.

It’s unlikely to be from Sync and more from general use. Make sure you keep up with your database maintenance as discussed here: … -database/