Searching in Confluence and JIRA?

At work, we have instances of Confluence and JIRA that I would like to search using DEVONagent. I’m new to DEVONagent, so I’m not sure whether this is a no-brianer or something more difficult. I have scanned the manual, but don’t see anything that jumps out at me. Do I need a specific plugin for these two sites? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The JIRA and Confluence information is stored in a database – typically Postgres. I could see this working for Confluence if we can get into the database itself because it stores the HTML pages.

A lot of the JIRA data - Component and Fix Version for example is referenced using foreign keys so component User Interface might be ID 47 and that’s what you’d see in the issue data. And please don’t get me started on JIRA Comments – I spent most of a day I’ll never see again tracing the references into and out of different database tables before finding my report writing tool couldn’t handle what I was trying to do. :angry:

While I’d love to see this capability I’m not sure it’s doable with DevonAgent but I’ll let one of the DT folks confirm that.


While I’d love to see this as well I’m not sure it’s doable. JIRA and Confluence store their data in a database and while the Confluence data is essentially the raw HTML, JIRA is a different animal.

Many of the JIRA attributes are linked through foreign key references so Component User Interface for example might be ID 47 and if you wanted to search for those issues referencing User Interface you’d have to know up front it was ID 47. I could see it being really useful for comments which JIRA doesn’t let you get to very easily through the native query tool but having spent a day unraveling the linkages and connections within the database, DevonAgent could find the comments with the appropriate text but would have a hard time providing you with the issue and project the comment relates to.

If you want to send me a private message I’ll be happy to talk you through some of the JIRA head banging moments :smiley:


I would be interested in a possibility to search Jira and Confluence as well. My Company is living in those two tools and a lot of information can be found there. Often it is difficult to find the right document using Jira/Confluences search. So I would like to use DA for this.
Has anyone tried that yet?

Best Regards