Searching in DT3B2

I just updated to B2 and noticed that no matter what, when searching in in DT3 for anything, it comes up empty. Ex. Note titled “Keyword”. Search keyword across all databases, and nothing. Search ‘keyword scope:notebook’ and there is nothing. But yet, there is a note titled Keyword inside “notebook”, and inside that note, Keyword also appears.

I should add that not ALL notes are failing. KeywordTwo “may” work in finding a different titled note.

Any suggestions?

A screenshot of the search plus one of the search field’s popup menu would be useful - thanks.

I have tried unchecking Live, etc. None of those options change my results. Again - it’s not all notes, but I’ve noticed out of 10 searches run today, about 1/2 fail like this. Drilling down, if you know the folder, you can see the note (see below). Also, if I go and TAG the note (by the same title) the search results normally. So it’s behaving like it’s not searching title/content.

The one below is the note that should appear as it is listed in the folder:

Does it work after disabling the fuzzy search?

I have, one at a time, disabled most of those options (likely all). Fuzzy, live, etc. In the case of the notes that fail, no. This is extremely odd considering the inconsistency of the searches today. The only consistency is those that work, work. Those that fail, fail no matter the options. Even All Database search/no scope - fail for this. I’ve even cleared cache and such.

On a side note: if you know you’re searching on a specific attribute, like the name, you can use search prefixes to limit the search. For example, name==ddcopy for an exact match.

Does rebuilding the database fix this?

And oddly enough, name==ddcopy works!

In this case, it works perfectly. I used a simple case where the note is a simple self explanatory title. I’ll try this on some others where title may share a keyword. But all notes are not titled this simply and content searching is what I rely on many times. Runs against anything between a specific DB to 4 or 5 DBs (keeps my silo’s separate between tech, work, personal, etc.)

No - Rebuild, empty cache, verify/repair do not.

Are you able to reproduce this using a small test database? In that case a copy exported via File > Export > Database Archive… sent to cgrunenberg - at - would be nice - thanks!

Actually I expected this so that is how I sent screenshots. You should have it.

Thanks for the database! The document is actually excluded from searching, see Info inspector.

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Wow. I can’t believe I …

  1. Missed that
  2. Don’t recall doing it as I cannot think of WHY I would exclude anything in the particular DB it was in. That is the point.

But thanks for pointing this out.