searching in large pdf's / ebooks

Maybe I’m the only one who finds this useful since i can’t find a topic on this… or there is a way of doing this that i can’t find;-)

For a project i’m working on i am collecting a lot of quit large pdf’s / ebooks. DT’s search function is great for finding info in a collection of these things. However i do find myself opening the pdf’s in skim all the time because the search function there gives me feedback where and how much a specific word is used; it gives kind of an index of stuff i’m looking for.

It would love to see this added to DT; let’s say i do a search in a group of pdf’s for “green energy”, i get all the pdf’s that have it.
Now i click on one and DT gives some feedback it is looking/indexing the pdf. Feedback thru let’s say a small loading bar would be nice since finding things in a 500 page pdf takes some computing time.
When it’s done the user is presented with a list of pages the word is in similar to skim.

Guess it is not a big thing because now i click on “open external” and skim opens the pdf and searches it, however i think DT could do this and maybe even better/slicker since all the stuff for it seems to be there. And it is nice and more productive (i think) to stay in one application.

thanks for the feedback and the suggestion! There are already plans to add this to a future release but it won’t be part of the upcoming minor maintenance releases.