Searching inside .DAT files

Can anyone tell me how to get DT to search the contents of a .dat file?
I use many of these (generated by legacy system), they contain text and I normally open / work with them in BBEdit.

BUT, when I load them into DT they appear as media files and DT will not search the content of the file.

This isn’t possible right now, the only workaround would be to change the extension (e.g. to .txt). Which software did you use to create the files and what do they contain?

Good idea. Have set Hazel to change the extension to .txt and then file in DT.

They are created from old Linux system and need to be in .dat format because they get uploaded to our CRM system like that … Another legacy system that will go in the bin sometime soon so not worth changing :slight_smile:
The files just contain text anyway, so simple conversion to txt has solved the issue for me.

Thanks again.