Searching Mail doesn't work

I’m not sure if this is a bug or whether I’m not using devonthink right. I am using Mac Mail and have a folder called ‘Mail To keep’ that contains things like software registration information such as serial numbers etc. I created a new folder in devonThink pro called ‘Registration’ and dragged-and-dropped the emails from my mail client into the ‘Registration’ folder.

So, as all the text in the email is editable I assumed I could just go to the search box in DevonThink Pro, type in the name of a particular piece of software and it would find the relevant email stored in the ‘registration’ folder. For instance one of my emails dropped into the ‘Registration’ folder contains the serial no. of my copy of DevonThink Pro. So I typed in Devonthink into the search window but that email is never found. What am I doing wrong??


Searching of email content is a feature of DEVONthink Pro Office. You’ll need to convert the emails to another format (I assume that one can convert emails to RTF in DEVONthink Pro) to search the content.