Searching Monster

I would like to use DEVONagent to search multiple job listing sites, i.e. Monster, for the category of job I’m interested in, i.e. marketing.

But I only want to search these sites, not them specifically in addition to a general Internet search with the Internet plug-in.

How do I achieve this?

You’ll have to write plugins for each of the job sites you want to search, and then create a custom search set using just those plugins.

There are some nice tutorials in the Academy on doing search sets, and the built in documentation for DA has a good tutorial on writing a custom plugin. It’s really not too tough.

To search specific sites, one can use Tools > Edit Search Sets to create a new search set. Enter the URLs of the sites you wish to search (in the Sites tab). Don’t check any of the plugins.

This custom search set will look just at your designated sites, although you can tell it to ‘drill down’ for your query term(s) if you wish. If you do choose to follow links, use an asterisk symbol to tell DEVONagent to look for your query terms as it follows links. Two or three levels is probably a sufficient depth.