Searching of cached pages not working

I am just today trying out DEVONagent again as my default browser, since I’ve noticed that it feels many times faster than Safari these days (actually, my wife noticed and turned me onto the fact; it is indeed a speed demon by comparison).

I was trying out the various features again, and found out that searching Cached Pages, at least on my Mac (lastest 10.4 updates, etc) does not work at all.

I made sure to select Cache Downloaded Pages in the Preferences. I even told it not to delete cached pages. I then went and visited several pages, and tried doing a search in “All Cached Pages” for what I had read.

No hits ever come up, no matter what I try. In fact, attempting an “All Cached Pages” search right now is crashing my DEVONagent every time I try it. A normal search works fine; an All Cached Pages search causes an immediate exit. Note that I am not getting an “Application Unexpectedly Quit” message, just an instant termination of the process. There are no logs in my ~/Library/Logs either.

What can I do to help narrow this down? I would just love to have some kind of access to my cached pages. I was even wondering why the Archive doesn’t keep a special category showing the contents of my cache…


Just a quick addition to my problem above: This is what gdb tells me when I attempt a cached pages search:

2006-10-06 04:29:23.823 DEVONagent[2243] An uncaught exception was raised
2006-10-06 04:29:23.824 DEVONagent[2243] *** -[NSURL initWithString:relativeToURL:]: nil string parameter
2006-10-06 04:29:23.824 DEVONagent[2243] *** Uncaught exception: *** -[NSURL initWithString:relativeToURL:]: nil string parameter

With a debug build, I’d be happy to offer a stack trace.


Thank you for the bug report - v2.0.4 will fix this. In the meantime please don’t use this plugin.