Searching PDF annotations - Status?

I have been reading various threads here re: searchable annotations/notes in PDF files. Many of these threads seem quite old.

I’ve looked at the annotation template but that allows (if I understand correctly) one annotation to a single PDF file. I have some very large PDFs (300+ pages each) with copious handwritten notes. I read about Skim in the various topics here and find that works well for me to annotate/index the information in the files - but I still don’t understand how I can index/include those notes in the DT database so I can have them show up in a search result.

Have there been any updates/features released to facilitate this? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

I’m also interested in the status of this issue. According to an old forum thread, Christian thought that a future version of DTPO may possibly include searchability for at least some PDF metadata – a change that would allow notes and annotations to be searchable. This would be a HUGE positive. The existing DTPO template (to create an annotation attached to a PDF) is workable, and it produces annotations that turn up in search requests; but (as this thread points out) it’s of limited use especially when attached to very large PDFs.