Searching pdf - no results at all

I have just imported into a small database a new pdf file (150 pages). This file contains several instances of the name “Weinstadt”. Spotlight finds these instances and Acrobat Pro too. DT doesn’t. I have tried all search options but there aren’t any results. I’m gradually beginning to get worried about having imported my complete archive (over 10 years of work) into DT. I hope that I am doing something wrong and that it’s me, not the program that fails! Help appreciated!

Open the Search window (Tools > Search). I suggest using that window so that you can examine the search settings to be sure you are not unintentionally using incorrect settings for a database-wide search.

Enter your search term.

Inspect the settings. They should be All, All Words, ignore case, Any, Any, Any, Database.

Does your search for the term “Weinstadt” succeed?

If not, locate the PDF that contains that term. Open it’s Info panel and inspect the document’s Kind. If it’s listed as PDF, that file isn’t searchable. Did you perhaps encrypt it with copy prevention?

If the document has the Kind of PDF+Text it should be searchable. But depending on the source, the PDF might have “strange” text. Try this: Select the PDF document and choose Data > Convert > to Rich text. DT Pro will make a text-only copy of the document. Examine it. Is the text readable? If not, did you run OCR using the problematic IRIS OCR engine in DT Pro Office 12.5.2? We replaced that version the following day with DT Pro Office Otherwise, if from another source, the PDF may be a file type not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.2 and Apple’s PDFKit code.

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your comprehensive reply. The pdf is a standard pdf but is protected (only for changing, not for copying). Please, allow me to send you the file by e-mail. Maybe I just overlook something.