Searching PubMed with DA

DA + PubMed plug-in only seems to return a very small subset of the hits that you would get on the PubMed web interface, e.g.

  • “peer review” AND (journal or journals) in DA with the PubMed plug-in gives me 9 hits (though 100 files downloaded),


  • (“peer review”[Title/Abstract]) AND journal[Title/Abstract] in the web interface gives 379 hits, despite appearing to be a more restrictive search

Why is this? Have I misunderstood how you’re supposed to use the PubMed plug-in? If so, how should it be used to get comprehensive results?

[beta 3.0 version of DA]

As DEVONagent is not only an interface for results returned by search engines, it’s matching the results on its own. But the title/abstract of few results matches the query, the other ones are rejected.

To accept all results nonetheless, use the secondary query “’*” (without quotes).

In addition, plugins return by default only up to 100 results. But you could…

  • create a new search set
  • rename it to “PubMed”
  • set its secondary query to “*” (without quotes)
  • add the “PubMed” plugin to it and set the number of results to e.g. 500 (see “Plugins” tab)

Afterwards just use this set and the results should be as expected.

Thanks for the responses.

I followed the second formula and did indeed get the full number of articles downloaded shown as hits.