Searching removes tabs


I noticed the following behavior:

If there are multiple tabs open and I do a search, all of the tabs are “lost” even after removing the search term.

Is this intentional?

I feel like it should be possible to do a search without needing to re-open all tabs afterwards, which could take some time if the documents shown in the tabs are saved in different locations.

I am not seeing this behavior here.

What version of DEVONthink and operating system are you running?

What I am seeing is the active tab is left empty if you don’t select a search result.

  1. Open some documents in tabs.
  2. Do a search but do not select a result.
  3. Clear the search. The active tab is now empty, i.e., No Selection, instead of retaining or restoring the file.

The operating system is Big Sur 11.2.3 and I’m using DevonThink 3.6.3

I am not seeing this behavior here, only the behavior I reported.

Can you post screen captures or a screencast of the behavior? Thanks.

I created a quick recording but the forum doesn’t seem to allow upload of mp4 files (or other video formats). Any other options? I could send it to you via email.

Can you just ZIP and post it?

Of course, here it is: (2.2 MB)

Ahh… It is because you have hidden the view/edit pane when DEVONthink is searching.

@cgrunenberg: It seems like the tabs should be retained and restored in this case.

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Hiding the preview pane closes all tabs/documents currently, the best workarounds are currently to either use a second window or to use the preview pane for searching too.