Searching results in changing formatting

When I use the search box in the upper right corner of the window and DTP Office finds Formatted Notes it will highlight the searched term in orange and change the color of the font to blue. It makes this change permanently to the formatting of the note which remains when I later return to that note. How can I get DTP to not permanently change this formatting?

It’s not a permanent change. Once you cancel the search and select a different document or different search, the original search terms will no longer be highlighted in the Formatted Note.

Unfortunately, it does appear to be permanently changed. I clear the search box, select other documents and return later to the document the formatting change persists. Note that this only appears to be happening with Formatted Notes type of documents

I’ve never seen an OS X app change the content of a file merely by searching for the content. I don’t doubt you’re seeing something, but whatever it is has to be something else going on with the use case, or the computer, or both – I’m sitting here trying to reproduce this report and cannot.

In a search, or when you view or open this document in a DEVONthink window?

I can’t reproduce this at all either.

To be more specific, I’ve moved over from Evernote and imported those notes into DTP. This is one of those notes. A week ago I searched for the term Marriott. It pulled up this note and made the permanent change to every instance Marriott that was on the note. Just now I searched for Premiere and it pulled up this same note and permanently change Premiere as you can see. Also note that the Marriott remains changed. Attached is a screen grab.

In that screenshot, “Premiere” is a different color (highlight) because “premiere” is the content of the search box. That’s not the same thing as a permanent format change.

Why don’t you send a copy of one of these “changed” notes to DEVONthink Support? Let them see and touch the file that looks to you like search altered the format.

I cannot replicate this at all on any Mac OS, using Evernote notes imported into DTPO. Please start a Support Ticket and include at least one of these files (as wisely suggested by korm).