searching web archive

any suggestions for searching content in web archive files? i’m trying to search on a name that i know appears in the files, but it is not found in the search…i’ve tried the basics (case-sensitive, searching “all” etc). also, some of my .pdf files show up as “Image” in file type, other “PDF + Text.” The text is not searched in the “Image” files, any way to change the file type?


Try No case searches. Make certain you are searching the right group, or the entire database. Open Tools > Search and carefully examine the search option settings, then enter your search term(s).

Image-only PDF files don’t contain text. If the image is of high-enough quality, such files can be run though an OCR (optical character recognition) program to produce searchable text.

Image-only PDF files result from one of two circumstances:

[1] That’s the way the author distributed the file. You can read the image, but DT Pro can’t capture any text. The Word Count will be zero.

[2] The PDF was encrypted by the originator to prevent copying and/or printing. A password would be required to capture the text. (See the forum for discussions of third party utilities to remove such security provisions.)