Searching when DEVONthink closed

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it is me again :slight_smile: Sorry if reposting but I would have namely a simple question: does the devonsphere search out in devonthink databases if the program is closed? When I close the DevonTHINK I only get a result from other categories defined. even though I named davonthink as a category. Do you know the trick or this is an expected system behavior? If so, than this would be a hhuuuuge potential for improving, because I don´t see why I need to have a specific database open when searching after documents in it.

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Only if the Spotlight index of your database(s) is enabled, see File > Database Properties, as DEVONsphere Express indexes this too if available.

perfect, I have made it. Thanks.

Another question: the search using boolean, for example ,tags: xxx´´ or ,AND/OR´´operators is not working. I find it really helpfull. Can it be used as well in DEVONsphere?

From DEVONsphere’s Help > Appendix > Operators…


Thank you, Bluefrog.

This helps me already. But there are no search possiblites as in devonthink to search after tags or content, correct? I couldn´t find it.

Additionaly, is this a forum for german speakers as well? I would prefer this language, thats the background of my question :slight_smile:

There are a few international forums where available. The German one is here…

However, the search prefixes can only be used with DEVONthink items, not general searching.

But this tags function doesn´t work at my place :frowning: See screenshot please. Do you have any idea what can be reason for that?

You have an asterisk wildcard in DEVONthink’s search but not in DEVONsphere’s. Those are not the same search.

The found file here is tagged porcupines…

I see more results, but I still don´t get that what I want in devonthink. It seems that I didn´t spotlighted the tag search in devonthink if the same logic applies to spotlighting databases. Can this be a reason?

Ok, it is functioning now. I have restarted devonthink and all fine. Now I get your message about restarting app or mac :slight_smile:


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