Searching with Scope Prefixes

Does the order of the Scope Prefixes matter when they’re used in a search? Is that documented anywhere?

I’ve done searches for; tags:x-t2 content:power and received zero results. However, if I do content:power tags:x-t2, I get the exact results that I was expecting.

Did you press Return after the unsuccessful search?

Hey Jim, I pressed the Search box which I assumed was the same as pressing Return.

Also, I often forget the names of files when I create or add them as in the instance of the PDF Fujifilm X-T2 Owners manual. I knew that it was titled Fuji or Fujifilm, and had X-T2 in the title as well, so I tried searching for it using, fuji* x-t2, and name:fuji* x-t2, and neither worked. But name:fuji* name:x-t2 did work. Could I have done this search better, not knowing the exact name?


Yes, that would be the same thing.

If you don’t press the Search button, there is an assumed asterisk wildcard at the end of the last term. Once you commit the search, the asterisk is removed and all terms are treated as words.

You could have used the AND operator… name:xt-2 AND fuji* to find the file. Notice I used the explicit asterisk so I’d be sure to find the file, even if I pressed Search.

Good to know about the asterisk assumption, I didn’t know that. Isn’t there an assumed AND when using ‘name:x-t2 fuji*’?

Any thoughts on the original question regarding the scope search order? Pressing Return/Search still doesn’t cause ‘tags:x-t2 content:power’ to work, yet changing the scope order does work.