Searching with tags

I have attached tags to all my documents in a database. Many of the documents have multiple tags. Is there a way to search using the names of more than one tag? I tried to type the names of two tags in the search bar, for example, “martin health” (without the quote marks) and although I do get some documents that are tagged with Martin and health, I also get other documents in the search results that do not have both tags but either one or the other.

Any suggestion of how to do this kind of search will be greatly appreciated.


You can do this in the Advanced options of Tools > Search or create a Smart Group.

Another quick way to do this (intersection of tags) is go to the Tags View (cmd-6) and command-click on all the tags that you want to see in the your search.

In tools->search I got the same results as I did with a normal search. Is there some parameter to set so that it searches tags?

This seems to work well. Thanks.

On this topic, I’ve been nervous to clean out my tags in DTPO. A lot of tags get imported from Finder as I figure out the best tagging method. If I view the Tag group and go on a mass deleting spree, I’m not in danger of deleting any actual data, correct?

Tag groups contain replicants of the tagged files, so deleting a Tag group shouldn’t delete the file outside the Tags (unless you’ve specifically created the file in the Tag group - something you can but shouldn’t do.)