Searching within a Word Document

I’m new to DevonThink. I loaded a very long (book-length) Microsoft Word document, using File>Index. I want to search it for a particular phrase, “Chapter 23.” When I search on that phrase, the document is selected from among the others, but it displays at the very start of the document.

I want to be able to search and have the display automatically navigate to the first “hit.” (In fact there are 2 in the document, one in a footnote).

Is there some way to do that? I can’t find one, and searching this forum seems to indicate that none exists. I hope that isn’t the case.

No, it isn’t possible. Word documents are a proprietary format and the view you’re seeing is shown via the QuickLook plugin. This does not support highlighting, etc. as it’s a static preview.

It’s actually possible after switching to the alternate view, e.g. via View > Text Alternative or via the navigation bar.

That option is grayed out in my View menu.

What edition of DEVONthink are you running?