Does DT only look in one field for all of the stuff I search for? For example, I created a test document named “chicken” that only has the content “turkey”. If I do a search for “chicken turkey” (no quotes) then I get no items.

I’ve been having trouble searching for stuff because I frequently want to search based on words I know appear in the title, body, or comments, and I want to mix and match. I’ve got the search settings to search for “All” but it only seems to find documents where all of the terms are in a single field.

I also want to be able to search based on group name. For example, I may have a project group called “foo course” with a document in it called “notes”. To find it, I would type in “foo course notes” (again, no quotes), anticipating it would match “foo course” against the group name and “notes” against the document name. No such luck.

Is there a search setting I need to change? Is this behavior not supported by DTPO presently? If not, is that a planned future enhancement? Thanks

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9462

You can search within selection from the toolbar search or specify a group to search in smart search or search window.


Try chicken OR turkey

It would be nice if DT accepted search modifiers as Spotlight does:

group:vegetables AND content:broccoli

(tags:food OR tags:farming) AND author:washington

and so forth

Yes that would be a nice addition.

From the search window, you can use “Search in” to select a group or tag as the target for the search, but I don’t see a way to make multiple selections, like the ones you are suggesting.