"see also" broken for single records in sheet in DTPro2?! He


I just upgraded from DT Pro 1.x to the actual version 2pb8.

How can I use the “see also” function for a single record of a sheet?

Example of my problem:
I have imported/indexed a huge bibtex file with bibliographic entries - each one in a record.

I don’t find the view (as I knew it from Version 1.x) where I can see one single record in a window,
and I also miss the possibility to apply “see also” to one single record.

It seems that the see also just works for the whole sheet (= bibtex file).

(Same thing vice versa: if I select the pdf of a paper or ebook and click “see also”, I get the whole bibtex database as a match and not the corresponding record)

Please help, as this functionality is absolutely necessary for my research work (literature review of > 2000 bibtex database entries).

Kind regards


does no one else have this problem?

please help!
Does “see also” work for you for single sheet records or for the whole sheet?

-> does the see also results list contain sheet records or only the name of the whole sheet?

In DEVONthink 2, there are no single records in Sheets.

Hi Bill,

I’m shocked and I hope this is just a misunderstanding due to my bad English. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :cry:

  • you mean, if I search something in DevonThink 2, and the result is found i record 23 of a sheet, in the search result DT will show me (only!) the whole sheet and not the record?!

  • you mean, I can not select one record of a sheet and use “see also” to find similar matches in the database (as I could in DT 1.x)?

  • you mean my whole bibtex database with 2200 entries is treated as one big text file instead of 2200 entities during search and see also?!

If you answered at least one of those 3 questions with “yes”, I wonder:
Is this a bug or a feature?

For me this extremely reduces the power of DevonThink - because I cant link the many informations of my bibtex entries easily.
: - ((((((((((((((((((((((((