See also bug?


I have a pdf + text file in my database named Benton et all 1997.pdf.

I have a list of references (rtf file) containing a formatted reference to that pdf, as well as several others.

i created a link to the pdf in that rtf file.

I then highlighted the applicable text in the rtf file and dragged it to another DT folder, creating a single rtf file with a single formatted reference, linked to that pdf.

I expect that I should now have two rtf files linked to a single pdf, both of which should come up in relevant searches.

When I do a ‘see also’ on that pdf, it lists the original master rtf file but not the one created by drag and drop.

Is this a bug?

Also, when I do a ‘see also’ for the original master rtf, it lists the linked pdf but not the rtf created by drag and drop.

When I do a ‘see also’ using the drag and drop rtf, I get no results.


Creating links doesn’t have any impact on See Also. But to figure out if it’s really working as expected, it would be appreciated if you could send me the three documents and I’ll check this over here. Thanks!

I deleted one of the rtfs but I’ll recreate it, test the behavior and send it in.