See Also not working while focused on file but does work in Finder

I am confused as to why See Also results are not showing up while I am working on / viewing a local file (at the moment, in Word) but results do show up if I highlight that same file in Finder. I expected that DEVONsphere would update as I work on the open file; am I misunderstanding the functionality? Is there some setting that I have incorrect?

The same holds true for websites, including online docs (e.g., Google Docs). I thought that the content of the page would be readable and therefore DEVONsphere would update as I worked on the files. Is there a browser setting I need to adjust? Something in Ds?

I hope these behaviors are not normal, because if so, it severely limits the utility of the tool.

Basic system info:
Mac OS 10.15.1
DEVONsphere Express 1.9.4


You might have to enable System Preferences > Security > Accessibility for DEVONsphere Express and automation of Microsoft Word, see System Preferences > Security > Automation >DEVONsphere Express.