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Hello. If I enter an epub file to devonthink and have best alternative view option, it only shows some paragraphs only and when I search in the rigth bar inspector, it searches only in these paragraphs.
When I have text alternative view option, it shows the whole epub file and the search works for all the file.
Is it normal behaviour?

That’s how it works for me. Loaded a commerically-produced ePUB file. Using “open with” the Books app made it look like the author intended and would be how I would normally view ePUBs that are stored inside DEVONthink.

Recommendation: go with “text alternative view” as it works. Or open with a more sophisticated viewer like the Books App.

Welcome @freebil

When using the Best Alternative you should be able to navigate the EPUB via the Content > Table of Contents inspector. However searches will be restricted to the current chapter or section.

To search the entire document, use Text Alternative view or an external viewer as @rmschne suggested.

While I love DT, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to use it as an ePub repository. I much prefer the freeware Calibre ( for that. Calibre includes an ePub reader that supports searching.

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Oh wow I never realized DT also searches inside epubs. Awesome!

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From the Documents > Office Documents, Email, and Others section of the built-in Help and manual

Thank you!

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