See the Original Group of a note in a Smart Group?


New to DevonThink, and am trying to set this up similarly to Steven Johnson, based on reading his article “Tool for Thought” in the New York times. Here’s the scenario I’m encountering that’s bugging me:

I have a separate group for each book I have read for a project. In these groups are many notes corresponding to different pages in those books. These notes are titled with the page number. Some notes are important, so I have used a label to indicate that.

I have then created a smart group to collect all the notes labeled “important.” This works great–I can see all the notes I labeled in that group.

However–the problem is that I can only see the title of the note–which is simply a page number. Is there some way I can find the name of the original group this note is located in (which would be the name of the book the note comes from)?

When I search for notes, I get the name of the group below the title of every note, which works great. How can I mimic this function in some way with smart groups?

I’m using DT 2.0 if it matters, the latest beta from the site.


If you hover the cursor above the name of an item in a smart group you will see the location and full name of that item.

Use the Reveal command (Command-R) to ‘jump to’ that item in a view window.

hmmm When I hover, all I get is the name of the file which is not very useful considering the name is already displayed. But getting the location would be really useful.

Mea culpa. The hover display was for a smart group covering multiple databases, and wasn’t done using the public beta 4 release. :slight_smile:

The tooltips of smart group results of public beta 5 include the location, the comments and additional info (see Info panel).