Seeing Two Documents Simultaneously

I need to write a rich text note in DTPO but at the same time I want to be able to see another pdf document which is also in DTPO. Using the space bar, I can open either one in an external floating window, but I cannot see the second document because as soon as I select it, the floating window changes to what I have selected at that moment. How can I work around this? I would like to be able to see both documents at the same time. Thanks and happy new year to everyone!

Someone else posted a good suggestion a minute ago, and then removed it for some reason.

Here’s that suggestion. Double-click each document, which will open each in its own window. Place the document windows side-by-side.

Thank you, korm! That’s very helpful.

If you want to take notes in another app while reviewing a PDF or other file in DEVONthink, then look into using Split View on OS X 10.11 and later.