Seeking recovery help


I’m trying to recover a file that got screwed up, and that I’ve saved in my DTP database.

In the past, I’ve been able to select the file within DTP, click Reveal in Finder, and then launch TimeMachine – whereupon TImeMachine would navigate to an earlier backed up version of the file. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to do that now.

I store my DTP database files on an encrypted disk image, and now TimeMachine doesn’t allow me to navigate to that disk image and select an earlier version of the DTP DB file – nor does TimeMachine allow me to open its contents (as I’ve been able to do before in the past).

Also, I’ve tried DTP’s “Restore backup” to an earlier version, but DTP only provides three earlier back ups – not of which provide the necessary timeframe for an earlier backed up version of the file I’m seeking.

Any ideas / suggestions on how to recover the file I’m seeking from DTP – either using TimeMachine (optimally) or DTP’s “Restore backup” to an earlier version?

Thanks very much…

This is only a metadata restoration and only refers to the data set via the interval and number in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Backup.

Ok, thanks. So, it’s not applicable to my situation, correct?