select tool is actual a grab/move tool. why?

I’m looking at a pdf, and I want to select a figure (a graph) and copy it to add to notes about the pdf, but when I use the select tool in the toolbar, I first get the typical crosshairs but when I click, it turns into a hand that grabs and moves the document forward or backward (up or down). That’s not select!

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Even after the last update of DT for iOS. The selection tool has definitely a bug. It’s nearly impossible to mark words or drag. Also it Takes nearly 5 seconds until the selection is marked and the selection items are being displayed. This is something which bothers me since I started using DT on iOS. Is it not possible to deliver the standard selection tool including the blue buttons? And please, please fix this bug. Thanks in advance

Please clarify where you’re talking about. There is no singular file format in DEVONthink To Go. There is also the New Document Assistant for taking new notes.

I meant this here. (Screenshot example DT Note) Since the latest updates of – iOS 13 I guess – it takes nearly 5 seconds until these blue lines are being shown. After they are being displayed, it’s nearly impossible to grab one of them to make a selection. I also didn’t understand why DT doesn’t implement the “normal ones” with the dots which are way more comfortable to grab.

Rich text and rich text views are not native to iOS so third-party frameworks are employed to support them. Text editing will be the focus of the next major version of DEVONthink To Go. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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